Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On July 23 Mike came home from work sicker than a dog. The next day we had to take him to the emergency room. After lots of tests we found out he had a kidney stone. He saw a urologist the next day and he told him he would zap it on Monday but couldn't because he is on plavix and he would bleed so he had to wait a week. He was so miserable we were wondering how in the world would he be able to go to Sampsons blessing. Mike had a blessing. He had xrays on July 30th so the Dr. could check on the stone. The Dr. said that the stone was like a jumping bean because it had moved back into the kidney. While it was in the kidney he didn't have much pain and so he was able to go to Sampsons blessing.
The next day he had it zapped but the narcotics just didn't agree with him and that evening the Dr. said he'd need to go to the hospital. He was there for a few days but quit taking the narcotics the last day and endured the pain and he started feeling better. Then he came home and worked on getting his strength back. A couple days later the pain came back with a vengence. The Dr. said to have another catscan to see what was going on. The lipotripsy hadn't shot the stone completely to pieces and there was still a piece in the urethera. He had to deal with that pain until August 13 when it finally passed! He had a couple of weeks to get back on his feet so we could go to Carsons wedding. It was interesting how it all worked out. We feel blessed we were able to attend those important events.
Another blessing was to sit there in the temple with all of our children and their spouses. Thats what we've worked for and I'm grateful!

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